Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, stress.......conquering cancer takes a toll on the body. With the growing population of cancer survivors in the United States, research is now looking to understand how side effects from treatment may impact cancer survivor's decades after their treatment has ended. Common side effects from treatment include lymphedema, fatigue, neuropathy, cancer related cognitive deficits, muscle weakness, tightness or restrictions, and pain. Many side effects encountered during treatment may linger and impact a survivor's ability to live their life fully following treatment. Although many of these side effects may disappear, this is not the case for all survivors. One study found 30% of patients who experienced neuropathy reported symptoms 6 months- year post treatment (Seretny, et al., 2014). Cancer related cognitive impairments were also found to linger in 35% of patients beyond treatment, and can persist as long as 20 years (Janelsins et al, 2014). All of these side effects can have an impact survivors ability to do everything from get dressing in the morning to working to participating in favorite leisure activities. 


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